Utilizing Daily Affirmations to Change Your Life For the Better

Daily affirmations can change your life. One practice I started several years ago rather inconsistently was listing out what I was grateful for. I found that on the days I started with a thankful heart I was more focused, productive, and positive. Even if I don’t get a chance to write it down, I try to at least think about it each morning and remember all the good things I have going for me.

More recently, I added daily affirmations to this practice. In December 2020, I downloaded an app called I AM and I did pay for the premium version. Now I’m sure I could have found tons of free resources online, but I really do like the app’s layout, design, user interface, and affirmations. It has become a lifesaver in times when I can’t think of affirmations on my own.

Each morning, I scroll through my mix and I write 3-4 affirmations in my journal. If I find myself anxious or stressed I pull them up on my iPad in the app or look at my journal. More recently, I started sharing my affirmations on Tik Tok and letting people know how it is impacting my life.

How Daily Affirmations Have Changed My Life

I truly feel more inspired and at peace with myself since starting to use affirmations. In fact, on the days when I don’t implement them or forget to say them, I can feel a difference. My confidence has grown and I love and believe in myself in ways I didn’t before. I even see the fruits of my affirmations in a dream opportunity now traveling and working with students in new places every day. Even my city apartment is gorgeous. Now I have faith that I can utilize affirmations to manifest the next chapter of my life.

daily affirmations
Photo by Eva Elijas on Pexels.com

Today’s daily affirmations are:

  • My soul is at peace and my body is healthy and beautiful.
  • The key to my future and my life is my mind.
  • I trust the process of love and life.
  • Just breathe and know that everything will be okay.

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