Recommended Business Tools for Online Content Creators

Are you searching for some helpful business tools to get your content creator business started?

Hey there! If you’re like me, getting started as an online content was full of new lingo and new tools that I had never heard of before. And trust me, there is still a lot that I am learning every single day!

Here I am including links to the tools that I use for different parts of my business. Please note that links might be affiliate links, which have no extra cost to you, but might offer me a small bonus. Note that these are all programs that I use! I have tried other programs in these categories, but ultimately, these are my current go-to tools.


  • Beehiiv – I use the free plan, but I would love to upgrade and utilize the networking features in the future. Sign up for my newsletter here!

Search Engine Optimization Business Tools:

screenshot of RankMath Course - one of the business tools I use
  • RankMath – I find RankMath to be easy to use and provides a simple framework for improving your SEO as you are creating posts on your blog or website. Check out how I grew my website traffic and RankMath’s SEO course!
  • Answer the Public – Here you can type in keywords and find out what people are searching. It gives you groupings of questions and other ways people might search using those keywords.
  • Insight Factory – I use this program to search for trending terms and look for high search low competition keywords for Etsy products.

Design Business Tools:

  • Etsy – I have 3 Etsy stores for different purposes. One is for digital products, one is for print on demand, and one is for clipart. Use this link to get 40 free listings on your new Etsy store!
  • Creative Fabrica – This site is amazing for getting fonts, images, and commercial use templates for print on demand and KDP. The variety of offerings is extensive.
  • Midjourney – I use Midjourney to design clipart and images for blog posts and digital products. You can read more here about how I’m learning to use Midjourney.
  • Canva – I LOVE Canva and use it for everything from thumbnails on YouTube to Etsy product photos to creating designs and templates to sell.
  • Paperlike screen protector – I use this to make writing and designing on my iPad as smooth as possible.
  • Grammarly – I use this to edit my articles and check to make sure that there are no big mistakes. Because there is so much out there on the Internet, the paid version also allows for a plagiarism check.

Marketing Business Tools:

  • Tailwind – I use Tailwind to quickly create Pinterest pins based on my blog posts and Etsy listings. Because I have the paid version, I also have ghostwriter credits that allow me to come up with blog titles, outlines, Etsy product descriptions, and more! I hope to test out the ads feature soon!
  • Pinterest – Pinterest has so much potential to market your posts, business, and designs. I still have a long way to go to get my Pinterest marketing where I’d like it to be.
  • Facebook business page – Facebook is a popular place to grow your business and share updates and posts. My next step is to learn how to run ads!
  • Instagram – Instagram is a fun place to network and share images and reels that link back to your product and services.


  • Medium – Medium is a blogging platform where I cross-post content from my blog. I enjoy it because it’s a community of writers that often encourage and inspire each other.
  • Legal pages template – Starting a business online can be intimidating if you don’t have a business or marketing background. This legal template is quick and easy to use to customize for your own business. Here is why should have legal pages.
  • WordPress – This site is hosted on WordPress and I can manage all my pages, posts, and integrations.
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