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Consistency in Blogging is Important: My Efforts to Improve

Am I the most consistent blogger? No. Would I like to be better? Absolutely. Many of the blog advice gurus emphasize how important consistency is for getting your blog going and maintaining the content (by the way, the article linked here is an easy read on 4 simple ways to come up with content for… Read More ›

Why I Love Using Procreate on my iPad

One of my favorite iPad apps is Procreate. It can be used to design so many things and get you in touch with your creative side. For my Etsy shop, I use Procreate to make some of the icons and symbols that go on my digital notebooks and to-do lists that I sell. Also, check… Read More ›

Blogging in 2021 – Sharing My Stats 6 Months In

Well, I know blogging is not a get rich quick method and it takes time, patience, and strategy to truly develop a quality blog that people trust and go to for tips and advice. I’ve also researched the importance of developing a niche that helps Google give you domain authority over that niche. However, my… Read More ›

Should I Sell My Car? Is The Money Now Worth It?

So, here I am ready to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to live in a new country until next summer (2022). And as I pack, make to do lists, and prepare for this next big adventure, one decision I keep going back and forth on is whether or not I should sell my car. I… Read More ›


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