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What Happens When You Constantly Procrastinate? 6 Things to Consider

“It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.” ― Leonardo da Vinci This quote speaks to me deeply because there are many times I put something off so long and once I finally get going, adrenaline kicks in. Or, if it’s related to health and wellness, I start to see the fruits… Read More ›

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Mindset Matters: Fixed vs Growth vs Innovative

I have had a lot of conversations lately with friends and family about mindset shifts. And I’m fascinated by the prospect that we have control over lives simply by changing our mindset about certain situations. Thoughts are powerful things and we can either let them run us down or build us up. As someone who… Read More ›

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Automatic Negative Thoughts: 3 Tips to Stamp Them Out

As a worst case scenario thinker, I recently learned from my therapist that these are called automatic negative thoughts (ANTs). And that it’s actually quite common, so I’m not alone in these thoughts. However, if I let them persist, it can result in some not so pleasant effects. Therefore, she said I need to recognize… Read More ›

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Finding Your Voice: How I’m (Hopefully) Becoming A Better Blog Writer

I recently went back through some of my initial blog posts in February to add links to more recent articles I’ve written. For the SEO stuff I’m learning, this is supposed to help increase domain authority to get me to rank in Google search results. I know that takes time to accomplish, but I need… Read More ›


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