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11/11 Manifestations – My Wish List for the Year

I recently saw a Tik Tok (Haleyhoffmansmith) describing a manifestation exercise of using the power of November 11th to write 111 things that you want to have happen in the year.

Her premise is that instead of having 3-5 big manifestations, we focus on a bunch of small wishes. We don’t always know when or how things will happen so the more we put out into the universe, the more something could come to fruition.

My 111 Wish List

I actually found it quite difficult to come up with 111 things. This past year, I have really focused on contentment with myself as a person and the reality of the here and now. Sure, I definitely plan out goals and strive for new things, but the process of manifesting true wishes is a work in progress. But I can’t argue with it because I have so many amazing things going on in my life right now.

The easy part of this year’s list stems from the fact that I’m already living a previous manifestation of teaching in Norway for the year. So things like visit an ice hotel and go ice skating are likely to happen. I even put visit 10 new countries (which up until 6 weeks ago I had only been to 3) and I know it’s a strong possibility. I just booked an 8 day 6 country trip over the holidays. More to come on that.

Right now, I’m sitting here trying to finish my list and this blog post at the same time. I only have 43 items. I guess the question now is how big or how small should my wishes be? I love Christmas and I have no idea where I will be on Christmas because of my Europe travels. So I guess I can say to take a picture in front of a Christmas tree on Christmas wherever I am!

I have committed myself to the Bergen half marathon in April with the 20 week training plan I created and I the hotel and flight I booked!

Fitting in a Box

As a high achieving student my whole life, I really want to follow all of the expectations. So some stranger told me on the Internet that I need to come up with 111 wishes for the year. Which sounds great in theory. And I’m sure I have them in my brain. But I just can’t seem to get them all out on paper right now. And part of me feels like I’m failing. But to who’s metric? It’s a guide and I can create my own reality.

And you know what? It is really okay. I make the rules for my life. I’m a little silly and goofy. Some might call me gullible. It’s something that happens when you are generally trusting that people have good intentions. I’ve been working on becoming the best version possible of me, the only me on this planet.

So I will likely fill up my 111 wish Google Sheet with checkboxes all nice and neat. But for now, I’m still developing that list and letting opportunities come to me. Perhaps when I’m done I’ll share the whole list with the world and we can all track my progress together!

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