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What is Blue Zone living?: Perhaps my New Way of Living

An introduction from my friend to this concept

a plate of healthy food items
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Perhaps you’ve seen the advertisement on Netflix and wondered, “What is Blue Zone Living?”

Last week, I was cooking homemade meals with one of my dear lifelong friends from graduate school. Juggling life, work, PureBarre classes, and 4 kids, and yet she makes dinner look like a piece of cake. Except, a healthy piece of cake. 

Here I am just fending for myself and it’s a whole process if I decide I want to make things from scratch. 

Look at this gorgeous plate of homemade sourdough, hummus, chickpea, and cucumber salad!

sourdough bread, hummus, chickpea salad. The bread was adapted from the Blue Zones cookbook.
picture of our homemade dinner

During our visit, she introduced me to the concept of Blue Zones. Researchers travelled around the world to determine the locations where people live the longest. The term “Blue Zones” originated in 2004 by Dan Buettner, who worked for National Geographic as a fellow and journalist. He, along with a team, analyzed data related to longevity as well as life satisfaction.

Where are the Blue Zones?

After comparing various factors that affect life expectancy, they identified five places which they refer to as Blue Zones. You can check out their website for more information.

The locations are:

  1. Ikaria, Greece
  2. Loma Linda, California
  3. Sardinia, Italy
  4. Okinawa, Japan
  5. Nicoya, Costa Rica

Have you ever been to any of these places? I have not YET!

The website is full of amazing resources and information about utilizing the lessons learned from these locations and incorporating them into your life. They have a four-week plan toward a better you. This speaks to me because it’s not a diet or fitness plan. It’s truly about embracing a healthy lifestyle. 

What is Blue Zone Living then?

Researchers Gianni Pes and Michael Poulain explored Sardinia and drew blue circles to show areas of longevity. These are areas that Dan Buettner identified as Blue Zones. You can read more about the history here.

Through their research they compiled 9 lifestyle habits that they call the Power 9. Some of the 9 habits include moving naturally, stopping eating when you are 80% full, and belonging to a faith-based community. I encourage you to check out their site to learn more!

The current Netflix documentary is very popular right now and still lies in the top 10 US shows. I can’t wait to finish watching it and learn how to apply these principles to my life on my healthy living journey.

Blue Zones Recipes

When I was at my friend’s house (Dr. Kait Knake of Kait’s cupboard), we went through the recipe book and adapted ideas from there. 

I tried to get the book from my local library, but they don’t have it. So I guess I’ll have to get the book on Amazon here (affiliate link). 

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