Setting up an Etsy Shop: 3 Mistakes I Made

Setting up an Etsy shop was one of my major 2021 goals. Other goals included getting my Zumba instructor certification, starting a YouTube channel, and opening an Etsy shop. So far, I’ve done all three and I’m working on improving each one.

The one that is the biggest learning curve is the Etsy shop. I’ve watched a lot of helpful videos online about setting up the shop, but I still have a long way to go.

I enjoy using my iPad Pro to create designs on Procreate and then using Keynote and Google Slides to edit the final designs. I upload these digital designs on Etsy for download or use with GoodNotes.

setting up an Etsy shop
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Here are a few of the mistakes I made when setting up setting up an Etsy shop:

  1. Leaving the info and policies blank. When I first created the shop I just created a name and started adding the listings. After watching some tutorial videos, I realized that I needed to add a better description of the types of products I was planning to sell and policies for the products.
  2. Not enough description about the digital products. When I created my listings, I just put that a PDF would be available. I looked at some other examples and then made that more specific about the size and colors.
  3. Incorrect quantity. When I finally made my first sale, I was so excited! Yay – someone wanted to try my designs. However, I had accidentally set my quantity for the product to 1, so it then showed up as Sold Out on my page. Since digital products can be downloaded multiple times, the best use of quantity is to put 999, which is the maximum. So, I had to pay $0.20 to re-list the item, which means I made nothing from the sale since Etsy took it’s percentage and I only sold it for $0.50 to begin with.

Besides digital products, I am testing one physical product through an outside vendor. I created a design for a coffee mug and I linked it with Printful. I think it’s a beautiful design, but so far I haven’t made any sales from it.

I look forward to continuing to learn how to grow my Etsy shop and create more designs!

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