5 Helpful Keyboard and trackpad shortcuts for Macs

I am a long-time Apple user. I do have to say that I preferred my 2013 Macbook Pro to my current 2020 Macbook Air.

However, the one thing that remains the same is my desire to do tasks quickly and efficiently. To do so, I have some settings that make switching between projects pretty easy. I also use helpful keyboard and trackpad shortcuts whenever possible. I’ll share some of my favorite features here.

  1. Double tap the trackpad to zoom in and out quickly. Now, to make sure you have your settings the way you want them, you should go into your settings to trackpad and choose the features you think will help you best. Here is what I have turned on:

2. Mission control – swipe up with three fingers. I use this to have multiple desktops going at one time. I can separate my work projects on different desktops and then swipe up or left or right to go between desktops.

3. Setting up hot corners. Go into your desktop and screensaver settings. You can choose which shortcut you want each corner of your desktop to represent.

4. Take screenshots using Command + Shift + 4. I use this all the time to draw the box around whatever screenshot I’m taking. If you want to check out your other keyboard shortcuts go into your settings to keyboard and click on shortcuts.

5. And then just one favorite keyboard shortcut for good measure. Command + z. It doesn’t undo everything, but well, almost everything. I use this quite frequently for anytime I make a mistake. It’s like a quick undo button.

I hope this information was helpful! Please leave a comment on other tips and tricks you’d like to see.

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