It’s a Productivity Puzzle! Fitting the Pieces Together

My productivity puzzle: Fitting the pieces of life together can be challenging at certain points. My productivity toward reaching my goals is something I have been proud of in the past. I put my mind to completing a half marathon and finishing a doctorate degree, among other goals along the way.

One goal I am excited about is now heading to Norway on a Fulbright to work with schools and continue my passion of civic education.

The last several months really put the idea of productivity into perspective for me. In fact, many times, I re-evaluated what it truly meant to be productive for me. I was so used to being busy, that it was nice to spend a little time reflecting on my hopes for this blog and getting to keep working on that goal.

productivity puzzle
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However, the time versus money internal debate came to a head when Norway was delayed yet again and I faced a huge lack of solid income. I had no choice but to take a temporary full time position that did turn out to be extremely stressful and left way less time for me to be productive toward these longer term goals.

These ebbs and flows of life are natural and it is up to us to make the most of our moments. Whether that means sitting down and trying to attain something greater for ourselves or simply taking a break to walk on the beach and get some fresh air.

Now, I face down this new opportunity to create a schedule around my commitments to my job and to myself. I think of this new journey as a productivity puzzle where I am trying to fit the pieces together. Truthfully, I am excited to arrive at my destination and spend some time working on my calendar and prioritizing my tasks.

As I continue to maintain a growth mindset, I will blog my learnings along the way and share helpful tips and advice that works for me!

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