Consistency in Blogging is Important: My Efforts to Improve

Am I the most consistent blogger? No. Would I like to be better? Absolutely. Consistency in blogging is important. Many of the blog advice gurus emphasize how important consistency is for getting your blog going and maintaining the content (by the way, the article linked here is an easy read on 4 simple ways to come up with content for your blog).

Readers expect to see articles from you on a regular basis, whether it’s several times a week, once a week, or twice a month. As the writer, you get to set the tone and precedent to manage those expectations. If you’ve subscribed with me for a few months now, you might notice that I’ll post a lot for a few weeks, then kind of disappear, and then start posting again.

Even when I’m not posting, I still use the draft mode to collect my ideas as inspiration strikes me. However, because blogging is not my primary source of income (yet!), I do sometimes have to pivot to the things that take priority in my life, such as family or paying current bills.

In the spring, it was maintaining my two part-time jobs while finishing up my dissertation. This summer, it was helping my family move halfway across the country and then working full time at a customer service job to make ends meet while I waited for the green light to leave the country.

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Consistency in blogging: Monitoring statistics

I recently shared my blogging statistics for the first 6 months or so of this endeavor. When I look at the chart of views, my best months were when I was consistently posting content 2-4 times a week. There was a month or so where I did post quite a bit, but I did it all at once with a long break in between. What this tells me, is that I should utilize the schedule post feature more often.

Even if I get a bunch of ideas that strike me and I get the urge to post 2 times in one day, it seems to be better if I draft it and then schedule it to post in another day or two. That way, there is some time in between the posts.

Now, I just decided to Google how often I should post and it seems that my observations are in line with the recommendations. It is best to post 2-4 times per week, with an average of 11 posts per month in order to see the best traffic. In my own data, I can see that I need at least 10 posts per month to keep my views growing.

So, my commitment from October through December to finish out 2021 is to write at least 11 new blog posts per month. As I currently have 75 blog posts, that would put me over 100 for the year, which is an attainable and realistic goal. And would help my consistency in blogging.

I will use data and inspiration to choose content by monitoring posts that seem to do well. For instance, the blog posts with the most likes seem to be about time management, money, or technology. But, it would be very helpful if you comment below on any articles you would like to see me write more about!

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