3 Tips for Organizing Your Workspace Right Now

Organizing your workspace for optimal performance is important. I noticed after almost a year of 100% working from home that my workspace ebbs and flows from perfectly placed paperclips to piles of notes and post-its that I’m sorting through.

Therefore, it’s important to keep your workspace organized on a regular basis. One thing I learned is to immediately file, shred, or throw away anything that was not useful to me in the next 24-48 hours. I don’t always follow this advice because I think, “What if I need that?!” Spoiler alert: If it’s that important I can digitize it on my electronic to-do list or send a mental note via email to myself by scanning it as a PDF through Evernote.

organizing your workspace
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So here are my top tips for organizing your workspace in 2022:

  • Keep your favorite planner and pens nearby. You don’t want to be searching for your favorite pen (and let’s be honest, you have one!) when you need to take down some important notes during a Zoom call. Here are mine.
  • Invest in a few things that make you feel good about your workspace. For me, that was ordering a pink desk mat to go over my table. Instead of a desk, I have two old tables in an L-shape. I wanted some things to brighten up my space. I also got a little fake plant from Target and a monthly desk calendar in the $1 section, which I love!
  • Make sure you research ergonomics tips. I have an external keyboard and mouse so I can use my laptop stand (which doubles as a cooling station). This helps reduce the strain on my neck when I’m staring at the screen for long periods of time.

These are some helpful tips to get started working from home. Check out the other articles on this blog with new ideas and fresh tips. And make sure to subscribe to stay updated.

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