Self Care is Important – Let’s Take Time for Ourselves

Self care is an essential part of staying productive and living a happy and fulfilling life.

As a lifelong student and someone who has always worked more than one job at a time, I realize that self care is a huge part of maintaining balance in my life. Yes, I work a lot, but I also need to make time to do things for myself. Sometimes that means cutting expenses in other places and splurging on myself.

So a couple of free self care things I like to do are to take walks or just simply nap for 20 minutes. Between meetings throughout the day, I judge if I need to get some energy out and get sunshine or if I need to shut my eyes and rest my mind for a bit. I try to build time into my schedule so that I can make these adjustments as needed.

Warmies! My friend got me this gift and I absolutely love it. Even while I’m working, I can heat up my unicorn neck wrap and put it around my neck to help soothe some of the neck pain that comes from looking at a computer all day.

BEACH! Now I’m fortunate that I’m within driving distance to a beach. So on days I truly need to just get away and get some peace and relax, I can grab a book or listen to a podcast on the beach. When I didn’t live by a beach, I used to find a local park where I could sit under a tree and still be in nature.

And my last self-care splurge is a massage. I don’t get them very often, but they are life-changing. I feel so relaxed and in less pain after a massage. If you can find a massage school or a Groupon, you can usually get a good deal. It’s worth it!

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