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4 Websites for Personal and Professional Learning

One thing I’ve been focusing on this past year is professional growth and personal learning. I’ve done this through participation in a number of online courses. There are so many resources out there for us to continue to gain knowledge. I will share some of the places where you can go to take courses on a variety of topics and some of the courses I took.

  1. The Science of Well-Being: I took this free course through Coursera last summer. I enjoyed the discussions on building habits and practicing strategies to increase personal wellness.
  2. I took a free Time Management course on this website as well as a mindfulness course.
  3. Google SkillShop: Google has so many amazing free online tutorials and courses that you can take on lots of topics. I took their educational foundations course for online learning. Next, I plan to take their skills course on Google Ads to see how I can use that for my blog.
  4. LinkedIn Learning: While these courses come with the premium membership, you may be able to gain access through an organization or your company. It is worth asking about partnerships to see what is available for you to take some courses.

In addition to these online platforms, YouTube has video tutorials for almost anything that we want to learn. It’s how I got started with my Etsy shop, building this website, and starting my own YouTube channel. The moral of the story is, keep learning, keep growing, and keep seeking new information!

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