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Helpful Resources for Learning a New Language Online

Are you interested in learning a new language?

We live in an ever more connected global society. This means learning a new language is a huge asset. Learning a new skill is a great way to keep our minds sharp and utilize our time effectively.

I learned Spanish in school and then had the fortune to speak it regularly while I was in college. However, my skills have faded over the last several years and I really need to freshen up. Currently, I live in Norway and I’m learning Norwegian while I’m here.

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Resources for Learning a New Language

Before I moved here, one resource a friend shared with me was Conversation Exchange. She has been using it for years to practice Italian while living in the United States. Her family background is from Italy and she has dreams to live there some day.

Another resource I considered was Babbel. The really cool thing is that is they have an app learning tool as well as live instruction. The prices for the app subscription are below. Ultimately, I did not want to pay this much, but they have amazing 5-star reviews. I’m really interested in the live instruction piece and might actually apply to be a freelance English teacher.

Another possible site to help you learn the language is italki. There are several ways to engage with this program. You can choose to have 1 on 1 lessons, participate in the free conversation community, prepare for exams, or help you grow your business skills.

If you’re interesting in learning Spanish, then check out Spanish Synergy!

My Program of Choice

To help me learn Norwegian faster at my own time, I downloaded Duolingo. The owl has become quite the Tik Tok sensation. I decided I should also keep practicing my Spanish.

Currently, I have the annual plan for Duolingo Plus. It works well for me because then I don’t have to watch the ads. Then, I fit learning in on the train or bus when I’m traveling from place to place. I am on an 80 day streak of learning right now! And in that time I’ve mastered about 40% of the Norwegian course.

Other ways you can explore learning a language online is to seek out local language or literacy centers. You can contact univerisites or schools for programs as well.

But, I highly recommend Duolingo if you have never tried it! It’s fun, affordable, and easy to use.

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