Preparing for an International Move: What I’m Doing Now

*Note: I will update this post with advice I’m receiving!

I’m preparing for an international move. Wow, it’s finally happening. I’m moving to Norway in less than a month. Even though I’ve been waiting for the official approval, I thought I would have more time to prepare. So now, it’s time to buckle down and think through my list of to-do items. I think I’m going to start with a brain dump of all the things I can think of and then prioritize what has to happen first.

preparing for an international move
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As I think through my list, I know that I need to get my car cleaned and ready to store temporarily. I have to get a 2 piece luggage set that is durable for international travel. Here is the set I’m thinking of buying:

In the time of covid, I don’t just have to worry about residency permits and passports, but also proof of vaccination and any quarantine requirements. I’m waiting to hear from the agency on some guidance about what to expect once I arrive.

Preparing for an international move: As I’m sitting here thinking, this is what I’ve come up with to do so far:

  1. Buy flights and look into luggage costs
  2. Buy luggage set
  3. Clean out car and set up park insurance
  4. Decide whether to cancel expensive U.S. health insurance plan while I’m gone (benefit of going to a country with universal healthcare)
  5. Make a list of all essential items to pack
  6. Make a list of items I’d like to pack if there is space
  7. Purchase bulk of anything that would be easier to get here like contacts, medicines, toiletries that are cheaper here
  8. Look into international purchases – set up banking there and autopay for bills here

I am sure there is so much more that I’m not thinking of at the moment as I’m preparing for an international move. Thankfully, the organization provided an arrival guide to help upon entry to the country. I just want to make sure I tie up my loose ends here as best as I can.

While I have been waiting to leave for 14 months, life has continued to happen around me and I’ve thankfully had time to reflect and spend with family.

Any advice is appreciated and I’ll be sure to share any helpful travel tips I learn along the way!

Advice for International Travel

Collapsible water bottle – travels well and takes up less space in your luggage

Undercover travel bra pouch to keep important IDs and cash

Travel pouches to help with packing

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