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Everyone has their own strategy for writing blog posts. Since I just started working on my blog a few months ago, I’m still finding my groove in how to develop posts. I’ve done some research on how to write posts and what length to target. A lot of things I read actually have quite lengthy blog posts as the ideal. However, I’ve been focusing on shorter posts that get right to the point. I suppose I’ll have to invest in some longer ones and compare how they do.

Now at first, I didn’t know what I was doing (and probably still don’t know nearly enough), but I’m starting to develop some strategies for content development and ideas. My initial plan was to keep a list of running ideas in a Google Sheet and then add to them as I came up with fresh ideas. I was planning to create a whole monthly calendar, set aside a couple of days to write everything, and then schedule the posts to run.

As an organized person, I still think of that method as my ultimate content creation goal. However, as a busy person with a brain constantly filled with tasks and new knowledge, I discovered another way to write content for blog posts.

blog posts
Sparked curiosity leads to my blog posts

What do I do now for my blog posts?

Well, I found that adding headings and bullet points to my posts seems to help them track better in views. Even though I’m focusing on shorter content for now, I noticed that longer posts have more space for advertisements. In turn, that would equal more revenue if I made the effort to create longer content.

That could be financially beneficial down the line.

The method I use now is not fancy, but it’s working, so I’ll continue to use it until I’ve got a better routine. I often listen to podcasts, read news articles, and follow lots of productivity gurus.

Just like how Marie Kondo tells us to keep items that spark joy, I keep tidbits of information that spark curiosity.

As new ideas or innovations come to me, I add them to my draft posts right away. And if I don’t have access to my WordPress site at the moment, then I text or email myself the idea so I can put it there later. In my current draft post folder I have 17 different posts that I have started.

As I learn more, I continue to add to that post until it’s ready to go out into the world. Sometimes when I have designated time on my calendar to work on blog posts, I’ll pick the idea that sticks out to me the most and I’ll work on adding information to flesh it out.

In my research, I read that it takes about 8 months for blog posts to reach their highest viewer audience and after a year, I should track the posts to see which ones are most popular. Right now, I periodically review the post insights to see which topics are trending or have more likes.

For example, my original short post on time management tips actually has the most likes out of everything I’ve written. It’s simple, but shows me that there is more room to add time management content with more blog posts. Interestingly, super specific time management strategies, such as using the Eisenhower Matrix, doesn’t seem to be as popular as just a short list of ways to make a to-do list.

I’m sure my methods will evolve as I continue to grow in knowledge on how to create useful content and share it with others.

Be on the lookout for more posts because I’ve got at least 17 more ideas on the back burner!

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