Google Chrome Extensions: 5 Awesome Ones to Try

There are so many Google Chrome extensions to choose from. I have both a Macbook Air laptop and an HP desktop computer. I use Google Chrome as my Internet browser in both places. I can sign in to my Google account and all my preferences are saved, included my chrome extensions. In this post, I want to share some of my favorite Google Chrome extensions that I use on a regular basis. I will share my top 5, ending with my favorite one!

My 5 Favorite Google Chrome Extensions

5. GIPHY for Chrome – I love this extension as a teacher because I can easily add GIF’s or emojis to Google Slides or emails just by opening the extension, searching for what I want, and then dragging it onto my page.

Google Chrome extensions

4. Grammarly – I do have the paid account for Grammarly, but this is such a helpful tool. It connects to everything I do online and checks my spelling and grammar as I go. I highly recommend the invest if you do a lot of writing. The paid version even checks your email for the tone.

3. Screencastify – This extension is great for recording screencast videos or screenshots. You can capture your web browser, whole desktop, add your video in, and edit the videos to share with others. I use this to create tutorials for my students.

2. Mercury Reader – A rocket ship icon that turns on and off serves the basis of this extension. Essentially, it helps to make websites with lots of advertisements more readable. When you turn on Mercury Reader, it reduces all that background “stuff” and just gives a clear text to scroll through and read. This is another tool I recommend to students to speed up reading online and doing research.

  1. 1. Momentum – And my favorite extension by far is the Momentum extension (it looks like a little green M&M). Every time I open a new tab I see a beautiful image with a quote. I can write my focus for the day and it even has a spot to add my to do list. It saves so it’s always there when I open a new tab for the day. Since the images change, it links back to the original photographer and I can view more beautiful images. I just absolutely LOVE this extension!!

I use other extensions, but these are my favorite and most frequently used. Leave a comment if you’d like to hear about others!

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