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Dealing With Anxiety in the Workplace: Advice?

Do you struggle with anxiety in the workplace?

Well, I write this post almost three weeks into my new job. It’s full-time and something I have never done before. I enjoy talking to people and it’s very much customer service related, so I thought it wouldn’t be so bad.

However, what makes it challenging is the lack of staff and training to be successful at what we do. Everyone is truly doing their best, but we are still behind in tasks and not getting to serve people in the way that I wish we could all the time.

So, this blog post is more of a reflection on my part seeking advice from readers who may have experienced similar situations. I do struggle with anxiety and one of the benefits of working from home was that I could manage it much easier.

I could take a break or engage in mindfulness when I needed to rather than working on my feet for 8 hours in a high stress environment with low pay. I think that is part of it, too. My mindset is such that this is a means to an end so I just need to suck it up.

I am truly trying to see this as an opportunity for growth and learning because it is always humbling and helpful to be in new situations and experiences that you may never have had before. When I had previous bouts with anxiety in the workplace I sought the advice of mentors, took time away, and focused on my goals and priorities to help see me through.

In this environment, the workplace dynamic is completely different. And it’s hard for me to take any time off because I just started and I need the incentive pay being offered at the moment. Furthermore, the schedule is always changing and I don’t have control over when I can take a break or step away. I do have nice coworkers who are patient with me and help by answering questions I have about the job or circumstance.

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At the same time, I’m not able to step away always when needed, so I have to develop other coping mechanisms for the moment. Breathing is helpful and getting outside for fresh air if possible. But I’m curious … what do you do? How do you take time for yourself in a busy workday to make sure you are properly taking care of yourself for the long run? How do you handle anxiety in the workplace?

I do know that when I take the time to complete my daily affirmations, my days go much smoother and my mind is more at ease. Share in the comments, any advice you have – it would be much appreciated by not just me, but many other readers!

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