10 Amazon Must Haves for Travel, Technology, and Luggage

Must haves for travel: Well, I just finished my 35 hour trip from the US to Norway where I will be living until Summer of 2022. There were some bumps along the way. One bump was my luggage sent to my layover in Portugal instead of my final destination. After 2 hours of working with the gate agents, I ended up just paying again to have it sent all the way to Oslo. I will worry about contacting United later.

I wanted to share some of the travel items I used along the way. Also, some items I wish I purchased to make things a bit easier.

  1. Collapsible water bottle – This was great because I hooked it to my backpack or my purse when I wasn’t using it. I filled it up in the airport and also at the hotel on my way back to the airport for the 3rd flight.

2. Travel backpack that opens like a carry-on – Now, this was handy because I had two checked bags that I needed my hands for. However, I did fill my backpack a little too heavy and my shoulders and back were hurting pretty bad by the time I reached my final destination. This particular model had 3 mesh bags that I used for dirty laundry when I changed between flights.

3. Plug travel adapter – This was a last minute purchase thanks to my grandpa doing some research online. I knew at one point that I needed this, but it slipped my mind to order it in advance. I’m glad I had it with me and didn’t have to purchase anything at the airport.

4. Liquid travel bottles – I got the ones with labels so I would remember the difference between my face cleanser and my shampoo. This was great for the hotel between Portugal and Norway. I had no issues getting through security in any of the three airports.

5. Neck pillow and travel kit – Now, I brought just the basic plain neck pillow. I wish I had purchased this one that had eye covers and a machine washable outer part.

Must Haves for Travel: Technology Needs

6. Airpods travel case – I am always losing my Airpods case in my purse, so I wanted to get something easier for me to find. This carrying case also held my back-up headphones in case my Airpods needed to be charged.

7. iPad pro case with stand – I used this in the plane with my Kindle Unlimited to read books during my flight.

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Must Haves for Travel: Items I Wish I Purchased

8. Travel makeup and jewelry organizer – I used small bags I had and split everything up. However, I am going to purchase an organizer that keeps it all together.

9. Packing cubes – I prefer these packing cubes over the compression bags. I had to be careful not to go over 50 pounds on my luggage. It’s easy to do that with compression bags because you can fit more items in your suitcase.

10. Rolling under seat bag – This is going to be my next purchase. The backpack is great, but I need to put the heavier items in something that rolls. Most places allow you a carry-on and a personal item, so I can bring both.

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