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It’s Not Too Late to Join Tik Tok

Join Tik Tok, they say! At this point, almost everyone has heard of Tik Tok and of course, has mixed feelings about the platform. What originally started as a dancing trend place for teenagers has evolved into a much more complex ecosystem of information access and delivery.

And it’s here to stay. Despite the strong popularity of YouTube, Tik Tok overtook the major video platform months ago with a higher average watch time. What started as short clips now allows content creators to upload videos of 3 minutes or in some cases, even 10 minutes. Tik Tok is a video-sharing app that allows users to upload short videos, images, and text posts. In other words, it’s like Instagram but for short clips instead of pictures and videos.

I currently only have the option to upload 3-minute videos, which I have rarely done since joining in December 2020. However, I plan to start taking advantage of longer videos because I think that is going to be part of the future of Tik Tok.

What Kind of Content Can you Find on Tik Tok?

Literally anything and everything. In the early days, you might expect some dancing trends, but now information dominates. Sure, there are still plenty of dance trends and challenges, but innovative creators now use that to their advantage. They do the dance trend while placing text on the screen in their niche.

Personally, I turn to Tik Tok to get make-up advice, job searching tips, and motivation to manifest my dream life. In my mind, I see a world of opportunity still available for the general market. It’s not too saturated.

Some of the most popular videos now are cooking and marketing videos. And really anyone that has valuable knowledge to share. I follow creators with several hundred followers to big creators with over a million followers. And each brings a different element of my interests to the table.

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Should You Start a Tik Tok Now?

Yes! Even if you have a personal account, start a new one for your business or goals. Or maybe about a passion. Or, keep your personal account and start posting more! Once you have 1,000 followers you are eligible to go Live and receive live gifts. And once you reach 10,000 followers (I’m almost there – @tracydeeitsme) you can utilize more of the Creator Marketplace and start getting paid for your Tik Toks and partnering with brands there.

And you don’t have to monetize anything or be an official content creator. It’s an outlet that allows you to be silly, share knowledge, and embrace different sides of yourself. For me, it’s helped to build up my self-confidence.

So, what are you waiting for? Go join Tik Tok and post that content today!

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