Why I Love Using Procreate on my iPad

I enjoy using Procreate on my iPad. It can be used to design so many things and get you in touch with your creative side. For my Etsy shop, I use Procreate to make some of the icons and symbols that go on my digital notebooks and to-do lists that I sell.

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Here is an example of something that I drew:

using Procreate

I then added the icon to the bottom of this note page to sell on Etsy.

I also used Procreate to design the binder ring that I used in my digital planner. This is another way of using Procreate to make products for your business.

When my friend was visiting with her 4 kids, her 10 year old absolutely loved drawing on the iPad Procreate app and he was really good at it too. It was a great program to distract him from the video games and YouTube he usually likes to do. He even wanted to get it on his own iPad and was working toward that.

For my job, I needed to insert my signature into several documents. It was super easy for me to create a digital signature on Procreate and then use the Magic Eraser app to get rid of the background.

Another awesome feature of Procreate is the ability to create layers on top of layers. It’s an easy way to add texture and color to to different designs. For me, it is a helpful tool not to delete things that I like when I try to write over something.

I love the brushes on Procreate and you can easily create your own or purchase sets from other artists.

Overall, this affordable app is so much fun to use! Check it out!

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