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Why I decided to start writing on Medium now

Writing on Medium was a dream I had years ago, thinking it was only for the very most professional polished writers. Now, that I’m a paying member, I can see that it is a community of passionate people writing about so many different topics. And you don’t have to be perfect. There are beginners (like me) all the way to established writers offering courses and guides to help you succeed. And all are welcome.

What’s great about writing on Medium?

I enjoy reading stories on Medium and I’ve been inspired by new ideas countless times over. So, one of the great things about it is the diverse perspectives and views offered on the platform. To be a good writer or creator, you have to be a consumer of knowledge as well. So, this is a great place to build community among like-minded people trying to make it just like you.

Also, the content you write belongs to you, so you can publish it however you’d like. For instance, the very article you’re reading is on my personal blog and on Medium. This gives me double the chance to reach a larger audience. Also, the reach on Medium is much greater than on my own site at the moment. Therefore, I can leverage the interest that people have to keep my own momentum going.

It’s free to sign up and post articles, so anyone can do it! This makes it easy for anyone who wants to start building up their online presence (and traffic) with minimal investment or effort required from them (not like some other popular platforms that require payment).

The challenges of writing on Medium

The most obvious challenge is that Medium is not your blog. It’s not your site, it’s not your domain, and it’s not even your audience. You don’t get to control the design and you don’t get to control the features.

Getting traffic from your work is difficult because there are so many other writers publishing on the platform. Getting featured can help, but even then you’ll need to be persistent with your posts in order to build up an audience that will follow you back when you publish new articles.

I’m sure there are other challenges and I will create some update progress posts as I spend more time on the platform.

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My June goals for writing on Medium

I’m going to write a series of articles on Medium. The goal is to establish myself as an authority in a specific niche. I will be writing about setting goals, productivity, and growing my personal brand and business. And who knows? Even other topics I’m learning about will be important to share such as search engine optimization, personal finance, and investing.

Medium is a great platform to build your brand because it’s a community where people are interested in reading about your topic. If you’re writing about something that people are passionate about, they will read your content and share it with their friends. This leads to more exposure for your work and more traffic to your website/blog afterwards. So what am I going to try and do during my first month of writing on Medium?

  1. Grow my following to 100 followers by June 30, 2022 to be eligible for monetization
  2. Post at least 2 articles per weekday for one month
  3. Consume 30 minutes of content per day from other writers to gain inspiration
  4. Connect with other writers and bloggers in social media groups

Medium is a great place to share and connect with readers, but it’s even better as a platform for building your own community that appreciates reading your content.

I look forward to writing on Medium and sharing my journey with everyone here!

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