Amazon Bathroom Finds

I find that my mental health and productivity is directly tied to my physical environment. When it’s cleaner and more organized, I am in a better mood and get more done. When I’m down, I’m less likely to clean or put clothes away, and the cycle may perpetuate. I thought it was time to spruce up my bathroom for spring.

I love my floating shelves and toilet paper holder. I used mason jars to hold cotton pads and make-up brushes, some of which I got from Ipsy.

My favorite addition to my bathroom for spring cleaning was my new shower curtain. I got mine at Ollie’s bargain outlet for about $3.99 so it was a great deal!

I’m loving this new vibe and I’m so excited for spring! Time to move on to the office!

Here is a spring cleaning guide from Amazon – check out all the essentials! (Affiliate link)

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