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Spring-Cleaning and Organization Items You Need Now

Alright, it’s time to talk about organization items you need now. Is it just me or is winter dragging on and on? I know it’s only the middle of March, but I’m already looking forward to the promises of spring. The sun is starting to peek out a bit longer and the days are getting warmer. For reference, I currently live in Norway, although I’m no stranger to cold weather being from Pennsylvania.

This time of year also has me thinking about spring cleaning and setting a clean slate for the upcoming sunny and warm months. Last year I focused on organizing my bathroom and closet.

Here I will provide you with 10 suggestions for spring cleaning and organizing all parts of your life.

Home – Organization Items You Need

  1. Microfiber cleaning cloths – great for an envrionmentally friendly option to reuse

2. Scrub brush set – Have every size and type of brush you need to get your home sparkling clean!

3. Vacuum cleanerAccording to Good Housekeeping, this is the best upright vacuum clearner for 2022. But you can check out their article for other recommendations.

Car – Organization Items You Need

4. Cleaning putty – This nifty putty gets in all those small crevices to clean your car

5. Handheld vacuum – This is awesome for when you’re on the go and don’t have time to stop at a car wash.

6. Car trunk organizer – Start the spring and summer off right by organizing all those loose items in your car!

Office – Organization Items You Need

7. Plastic storage bins – Keep these around to organize your cleaning and office supplies

8. Compressed air duster – Keep the keyboard clear of crumbs and debris

9. Lysol wipes – Use these to wipe down tables and items that frequently get used

10. 5 Drawer storage – A great all-purpose storage unit that can be moved to wherever you need it

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