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Solutions for online content creators after a full day at the computer

Hi my online content creator friends still doing the 9-5 grind!

90% of my work week at my full-time job is spent on my computer, staring at my screen and typing away. So when my work day ends, the last thing I want to do is stare at my screen even longer.

However, I persist because I have two very important goals:

  1. Build a completely digital income where I can live and work from anywhere.
  2. Make that income reliant on me and my online business ventures rather than having to report to a boss or supervisor.

Challenges and solutions for online content creators

Challenge: Burnout — working on a computer is mentally tiring and can be tough on the eyes.

Solution: I’m trying to take more breaks to stretch. I’ve also decided it’s important to go back to the gym and participate in group dance workout classes. They motivate me and get my body moving! I am also doing a daily stretching challenge with my friend, and we check in with one another.

ChallengeTime — does there ever seem to be enough time in the day to get it all done? Balancing household needs, personal tasks, friends and family, work, and a side hustle can be a lot.

Solution: Get more on top of my calendar and try to follow the 5-second rule from Mel Robbins. Essentially, if I think about it too long, I’m just wasting time. Count to 5 and go for it. And I also started putting my phone away from me at night to stop the nightly scrolling on social media.

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Challenge: Lack of inspiration or creativity — I have 155 drafts in my folder on Medium. So that’s not where the lack of inspiration is. It’s actually sitting down to write and finish a full article. Or making a Tik Tok video or YouTube video. Or posting a new digital product on my Etsy shop.

Solution: Choose a day and time to batch-create video content. I tried this out with Tik Tok last week and it worked great. I used ChatGPT to help me with short script ideas and filmed about 5 videos I released over a few days. However, I have so much existing content now that it’s time to repurpose and update. For example, I can post my Tik Tok’s to YouTube shorts. I can use RankMath to improve old blog posts for better SEO. I will use time blocking to work on digital products for the online stores.

I face other challenges as a full-time worker building an empire on the side, but these are the main ones I’m tackling now. Best of luck to you on your online content creation journey!

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