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Publishing my Ambitious Side Hustle Income Goals for Transparency

Do you have any side hustle income goals? Well, I do. And this is my year. I spent some time this weekend creating a 2022-2023 goals, visions, and dreams Google doc.

As part of this document, I created monthly income targets that I hope to achieve through multiple income sources. I would love for these to come from passive income sources, but I know I will have to put in the time and effort this first year to build the systems that will turn into passive income.

Now, why am I doing this now?

Well, I’ve been building my blog, YouTube channel, and Etsy shop since February 2021. As of May 2022, I also started writing and publishing on Medium, which I hope will help contribute to the overall income each month.

side hustle income goals
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This past year, I’ve been living in Norway, but my contract ends June 15th. Then, I have 6 weeks before I start my new job. 6 weeks of precious time to build my business and create habits that I can sustain once I start full time work again.

So, here is my side hustle income goals table to scale to $10,000 a month by the end of June 2023:

side hustle income goals

Why the June 2023 goal? Well, first it aligns with my new job contract. The new position starts on August 1st and goes through the end of June 2023. Therefore, if I am able to make $10,000 per month on my side hustle, then I don’t need to take on another full-time job.

Also, I’ve been a student almost my whole life and my calendar has been an academic calendar. So the timing is perfect for how I’ve been conditioned to set and achieve goals.

As I planned each month, I tried to account for a steeper learning curve in the beginning. But, as I become more consistent with producing content (and hopefully better at it), I plan to see the income grow so I can reach my side hustle income goals. I have experience using platforms to make money working from home, and I’m confident with dedication, I can make the income planned.

So, make sure to follow along and subscribe to this blog to see how I do. Each month, I publish a breakdown of my side hustle income sources and let you know if I reach my goal!

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