One Way or Another: It Will All Get Done … Or It Won’t.

Things that have pressing deadlines typically get done even when sometimes we have no idea how to make that happen. Even with procrastination, there comes a point where the panic monster sets in due to an upcoming deadline. You may not like the process of staying up all night or feeling rushed, but eventually, it gets done.

However, for me, I have found that method to be extremely stressful and anxiety-producing. I prefer to plan in advance and know my schedule using time management techniques and blocking my calendar. But sometimes, things just sneak up on you.

I moved in May 2020 into my parent’s house with the anticipation of leaving the country in several months. At that time, there were limited options for me to drop off donated items because many places in PA were still closed.

So, I boxed everything up and then brought it with me. Now, many of my items are still in boxes, and I have been meaning to go through them this past year. However, it wasn’t a priority and I didn’t have a deadline to get it done. I was more focused on finishing up my dissertation and working to pay the bills.

Now, I finally got the green light to move to Norway and I’m searching through boxes to find my winter clothes. I cannot find my heavy winter jacket anywhere. So, maybe that’s a sign that I just need to get one once I get there and not weigh down my luggage anymore.

In order to make sure that the things get done that you need to or want to, it’s important to prioritize early and often. Setting weekly or quarterly goals with a detailed action plan can help get you to the finish line.

The reality is, that we figure it out when it comes to the important things. The question is, how do we feel along the way? Are we stressed, frustrated, or focused? Only you can answer that question. For me, it truly depends on the task and type of goal I am trying to accomplish.

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