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My Inconsistent First Year of Blogging Stats Are a Bit Underwhelming

I love to see blogging stats, so I am sharing mine here.

Well, I published my first post on this blog in February 2021. I can’t believe it has already been a year. I’ve had a lot of personal life changes during this time and blogging has been largely therapeutic and relaxing. However, I’m ready to start treating this more like a business in 2022.

Originally, I shared my stats after the first 6 months of having my blog. At that time I had 210 followers subscribed to the blog. Now, I have 251, so it’s not a huge jump in the last 6 months. However, my efforts at consistency were not always consistent. If you take a look at the image below, you will see there were long stretches of time when I didn’t post any content.

blogging stats

November, December, and January were particularly low post months. This is when I started traveling quite a bit for a new job. I didn’t anticipate how much of a toll it would take on my mental ability to focus and write content for this blog. Therefore, my organic reach dropped and my page views went down. I made one last push to write a bunch of articles to finish out 2021, which pushed January’s views up.

Areas for Improvement in my blogging stats

Well, I definitely still can improve with consistency. My strategy has remained mostly the same with starting posts about topics that interest me and working on them whenever I have time. Although I recently started collecting more resources and ideas in my Notion dashboard.

Another place for coming up with more blog content is to seek out more partnership opportunities. Recently, I added legal pages to my blog, and I’ve found a lot of useful information on turning this blog into a business.


I am not going to sit here and type out all the ways you can make money until I’ve proven them myself. In the past year, I’ve watched YouTube videos and taught myself some SEO, but there is still so much more I have to learn.

And monetizing my blog is one place I want to continue growing. I made about $10 through WordAds for 2021. Now of course, with the increased traffic that number could be a lot higher.

blogging stats

As part of my 2022 goals, I added Google ads to my site. I’m not sure if this is better than Word Ads or not. But, I thought it was worth trying until I am able to partner with some larger advertising companies for blogs. My earnings for January 2022 are shown below.

blogging stats

Truthfully, I wish I had more views and more money to report for the past year’s effort of work in my blogging stats. However, I see so many bloggers sharing these amazing success stories and I just want to keep it real. Maybe I’ll get there by the end of 2022 or maybe 2025. Either way, I am going to keep manifesting the things that I want, working toward my debt-free journey, and staying transparent along the way.

And I am SO grateful to everyone who is following along with my blog and supporting me every step of the way!

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