Launching my New Instagram Account

I’m launching my new Instagram account dedicated to travel. In the past, I have been a slow adopter of certain social media avenues, such as Instagram. I have a personal account, but I rarely post on it. I mostly just use it to watch other people and see pictures from around the world. However, I decided the best way to share my travel pictures with friends, family, and anyone in the world was through Instagram!

I recently wrote about how using social media is helping to build my confidence. Another thing it is doing is inspiring my creativity. We all have so many gifts and knowledge to share with the world and now we have a million and one ways of doing that.

How Blogging and Social Media is Building my Confidence

So now, I’m trying to figure out how to manage all of the different social platforms. Keeping up with everything on a daily basis is next to impossible with a full-time job as well. Although I know many creators do it and manage to thrive. I’m still figuring out what that balance looks like for me. I will definitely write a post on some of the ways I’m organizing everything. It’s my December goal to create some more manageable systems.

Launching My New Instagram Account

The title of my new Instagram page is tracydeetravels. Because I’m currently living in Norway, many of the pictures will be from locations around Norway. However, I traveled extensively in the United States during my adult life and will be adding pictures from other areas as well. I also have some from Canada and Mexico to share.

I also have a goal of visiting as many countries and amazing places in my life as possible. I haven’t always had the resources to do it (and truthfully still don’t), but I’m not going to sit around and wait. I’m creating the life I want for myself. In July, I planned a trip through Europe visiting 9 countries so I am very excited about that!

If you’re interested in following a photo journey of my traveling life, then follow me here!

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