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How I Organize my Closet – Tips for Finding What you Need

A friend inspired me this weekend to go through my wardrobe and donate the things I no longer needed or that fit the way I wanted them to. She gifted me with about 15 work blazers of various cuts and colors to spruce up my professional wardrobe. This is especially helpful as I look toward transitioning to in person presentations after working from home the last year and spending much of my days in leggings.

I’ve had my closet organized a particular way for many years that makes it easy for me to find the items I need when I’m putting together outfits. I bought skirt hangers for my pencil skirts and maxi skirts that hang on the far side of my closet. Next, I hang my dresses with hangers that have notches in them. This is my preferred style. I used to have a roommate that was super organized and she color-coded her hangers based on clothing style.

I hang all my shirts with the same type of hangers using ROYGBIV. I hang my sleeveless tops first by color then move to long sleeves. The patterns are placed with the most prominent color in the row. All my pants are folded in the dresser drawer utilizing the techniques I learned by watching Marie Kondo, one of my favorite organizing experts.

For my socks and panties, I use dividers in the dresser. I use the connecting dividers for my underwear and bins for socks and other miscellaneous items. I fold my workout clothes in outfits of leggings and tops so that I can quickly grab them when it’s time to go for a run or get a Zumba class in.

I have a lot of flats and sandals that I store on the hanging shoe organizer on the closet door. The small ones share a space, but the larger shoes are placed next to each other in two slots. I have a shelf with hooks hanging on my wall by my light switch in my room. That is where I hang my purses, scarves, and now my masks. Above the shelf, I keep baskets with my makeup and nail supplies.

I’m always looking for ways to improve my organization, so definitely leave a comment if you have some tips to share!

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