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Finding Your Voice: How I’m (Hopefully) Becoming A Better Blog Writer

I’m on a journey to become a better blog writer.

I recently went back through some of my initial blog posts in February 2021 to add links to more recent articles I’ve written. For the SEO stuff I’m learning, this is supposed to help increase domain authority to get me to rank in Google search results. I know that takes time to accomplish, but I need to set myself up for success as I move forward in building this website.

Here is my first post on February 9, 2021 about organizing my workspace. As I review this post, I feel like the ideas are good, but it’s a little more sterile than some of the later posts. I was originally planning to have a formula for my posts: essentially pick a topic, share some background, and then list some tips or resources for people to take away. I also wanted to include more links for affiliate marketing as a way to earn some extra income.

What I realized is that for this particular blog I want my voice to be central in my posts. So, I started to share personal experiences and discuss the ways in which I come up with blog topics. But, truthfully, I’m still kind of figuring this out as I go and learning in public with this process. By doing so, I hope to inspire others to go out and chase a dream or hobby and just see what happens.

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Help to become a better blog writer

When people post comments on my blog, it also helps me respond to the needs of the people who are reading. And so, I want my voice to be helpful as well as inspirational to others. So if you’ve made it this far in reading my post, drop a hello in the comments below! I’d love to interact more with the 192 people who have chosen to follow this journey thus far.

Every month, I plan to go back to older posts and re-read them for clarity, engagement, and link to more recent blog articles that I’ve written. As I go through this editing process, I hope that my voice starts to come across more and more and that the connection is purposeful and authentic.

By going through this self-reflection process and continuing to learn new strategies to market the blog, I believe my writing will also improve. I’m used to being an academic writer, which is a much more prescribed and formulaic type of writing. I’m embracing the creative aspect of owning my own domain and choosing how to present ideas to the world.

Thank you for believing in me!!

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