Blogging in 2021 – Sharing My Blog Stats 6 Months In

Here is a post of my 6- month blog stats.

Well, I know blogging is not a get rich quick method and it takes time, patience, and strategy to truly develop a quality blog that people trust and go to for tips and advice. I’ve also researched the importance of developing a niche that helps Google give you domain authority over that niche. However, my blog is more of an opportunity to share my voice and things I’ve learned with others. It also gives me an outlet to write about the things on my mind and almost use it as a journal of sorts.

I wanted to share some of the stats I have had since February 2021 when I first started publishing posts on this blog. Although I have been working on learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I still have so far to go. I know many bloggers get exceptional returns through the wonderful world of Pinterest marketing, but I have not mastered that yet either. I am proud of how far I have come in this process considering I was finishing grad school and working 2 part-time jobs when I started. In the last 6 weeks, I have been working at least full time in one job and consulting still with the other.

Now that I have an upcoming new adventure with a ten day quarantine, I feel like this is the perfect time to reflect on what is working and try to amp up the posts and marketing even more. I can use the time for self care and get one step closer to reaching my ultimate goals. Also, consider this an encouragement for any of you out there still blogging away waiting for those page views to go up.

Blog stats: page view and visitor insights:

blog stats

As you can see from the green shading in the chart, May and June were the months with the most page views. I even hit 1,000 in May, which was amazing. At that time, I was gaining steam in posting consistently about 10 times a month or so. As you can see in August, the posts took a dip as did the page views. At the time of this current blog post, I have 210 people following my blog (THANK YOU FOR STICKING WITH ME!).

In theory, that means if I posted 10 times a month now, and every person clicked on each post (not just in the reader view, but actually click on my blog post), then I should be reaching 2,000 views for the month. And that doesn’t include all the people who may find the post and then not subscribe to the blog itself.

Now, onto the money side of things with Word Ads. I do have that enabled, but you don’t actually get paid from WordPress until you earn $100. Additionally, I can’t apply for other ad programs like MediaVine until I have many more page views. It’s a goal, so I will report back when I do reach that milestone.

Blog stats: income

So far, my total earnings from blogging in 2021through August are $6.67. My best month was June, when my average CPM was $0.54. This is great for me now, but once I’m able to partner with bigger advertisers, that will be in the $7-$30 range hopefully.

I’m still going to continue to develop and find my niche, but for now, I enjoy what I’m learning and sharing it with you all in the process!

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